Environmental Scientist


Genwest Systems Inc., an equal opportunity employer, is currently accepting applications for an
Environmental Scientist. This position will primarily support our clients at the National Oceanic &
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R), Assessment and
Restoration Division clients, and will be based from NOAA offices in one of Silver Spring, MD, Boston,
MA, or Gloucester, MA.

Position Background & Description:
The NE/GL Branch’s region includes ocean and coastal areas from Minnesota east to Maine and south
to Virginia. The candidate supports NOAA ARD Regional Resource Coordinators in designing and
conducting Natural Resource Damage Assessments (NRDA) for waste sites and oil spills in the NE/GL
region. In addition, the candidate participates with other State and Federal agencies to plan appropriate
restoration for natural resource injuries and resolve liability; develop, implement and maintain
mechanisms for effective all-hazards preparedness and response actions in the NE/GL region; and
support the delivery of ARD products and services to the public. The candidate fosters cooperation and
coordination within and outside of the National Ocean Service (NOS) to achieve agency missions, goals,
and objectives, including those of the Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program
(DARRP) and Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R).

Primary Tasks:
▪ Provide technical support for the successful design and implementation of natural resource damage
▪ Respond on-scene to incidents throughout the NE/GL Region to support NRDA evaluation and
▪ Participate in scaling the level of restoration necessary to compensate the public and the environment
for injuries to natural resources.
▪ Participate in preparing for negotiating settlements and agreements to obtain natural resource and
habitat restoration within the NE/GL region
▪ Provide recommendations for aquatic ecological risk assessment and where possible, integrating
restoration and recovery into cleanup plans for hazardous waste sites
▪ Recommend and participate in monitoring projects to ensure cleanup or restoration objectives are

Qualifications and Skills:
The successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate the listed qualifications in his/her resume and
• Master’s or Doctorate degree in biological, physical, or environmental sciences, preferably in
one of more of the following sub-disciplines: aquatic toxicology, fisheries ecology,
environmental engineering; or environmental policy with an emphasis in quantitative analysis
▪ Experience in assessing risk or injury to NE/GL freshwater, marine and estuarine species and habitats
▪ Knowledge of Great Lakes, New England and Mid- Atlantic coastal and offshore ecosystem function
and services
▪ Knowledge of damage assessment procedures mandated by CERCLA and OPA
▪ Experience working in litigation
▪ Experience working on interdisciplinary teams
▪ Participation in negotiations on environmental issues
▪ Knowledge of oil chemistry and effects of oil on natural resources
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Self-motivated, energetic, strategic thinker
• Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
• Excellent oral communicator with demonstrated experience working with a variety of
stakeholder groups, and strong writing skills.
• Strong computer and statistical skills.
• Ability to work and travel independently.
• Experience working on geographically distributed interdisciplinary teams.
• History of success in team-based project execution, working as both lead and contributor.
• Demonstrated flexible and pro-active approach to problem solving.
• Demonstrated ability to plan and execute long-term projects, including setting timelines and
milestones and balancing priorities.

Applicants must be willing to travel and have strong skills in understanding and communicating
complex scientific concepts, problem solving, and working effectively and patiently as part of high
performing, high expectation teams that include diverse views and opinions.

Benefits & Compensation
Compensation will be determined based on the experience and qualifications of the successful
applicant in combination with contract budget.
The position is eligible for the Genwest full-time benefit package that includes:
• Health insurance,
• Paid personal and holiday leave
• 401(k) program eligibility
• Employee disability and life insurance

To Apply:
Please email a resume and 3 references to hr@genwest.com. Please include any cover letter,
your resume and references in a single .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) attachment (no more than 4
pages in length) with your name included in the .pdf file name. Also, please include the words,
“Environmental Scientist” in the subject line of your email.

Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted via email. The position will remain open until
filled, with priority given to applications received by December 28 2020.