Facility Operations Specialist


Genwest Systems Inc., an equal opportunity employer, is currently accepting applications for a Facility Operations Specialist position, supporting our clients in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Service (NOS), Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) at the NOAA Disaster Response Center (DRC) in Mobile, AL.

The Facility Operations Specialist should have a solid knowledge of fundamental maintenance/repair technician skill sets as well as the ability to learn and understand some of the more complex systems that add to the self-sufficiency and resilience of the facility during disaster events (generators, solar powered hot water, etc.).  The DRC has contracts for preventive maintenance on many of the facility systems, however, there is occasionally the need to make minor repairs to keep the facility operational.  In-depth knowledge and complex repairs of the facility systems such as HVAC, generators, and security systems are not required.  Rather, this position requires the employee to develop and maintain a general awareness of the facility and its condition in order to proactively identify, and if possible, address any maintenance or use/operational needs either directly or by flagging for repair via an external contractor.


Broad categories of tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform preventive maintenance on building equipment and structures; building, installing and moving cabinets, partitions, blackboards and shelves; installing floor coverings, acoustical ceilings, window glass, wall hangings, mirrors; repairs and preventive maintenance to roof structures and equipment, floors, doors, locks and related items; replacement of light bulbs and general cleaning/maintenance of overhead light fixtures requiring the use of a hydraulic lift; repairs/general preventive maintenance on loading dock hydraulic lift and overhead door, and keeping stock of maintenance supplies.
  • Perform minor touch-up work on building interiors and exteriors; set up sprinkler systems and perform exterior clean-up activities when necessary.
  • Provide recommendations on facility repairs, modifications and operations; operate hydraulic lifts, forklifts and other on-site equipment as required.
  • Coordinate with facility maintenance contractors to ensure that they have the correct tasking and access to the areas necessary. Coordinate repairs with service providers and the facility Deputy, alerting the Deputy promptly to any issues encountered .
  • Maintain inventory of required supplies to support operations and make recommendations for needed facility supplies to the facility Deputy.
  • Work with the Deputy to identify pricing and sources of supplies and help with the receiving and documentation of purchases.
  • Maintain the inventory of Safety Data Sheets for any chemicals stored on-site.
  • Serve as the facility liaison for guests and contractors.  Assist people who want to hold events at the DRC by coordinating the request, managing the facility calendar, and helping to ensure that the guests have adequate support.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the DRC through special projects that help increase the facility utility, visibility, efficiency, use, and ability to support the Disaster Preparedness Program and our partners.
  • Support safety and security at the DRC by working with the facility Deputy and OR&R Safety Officer to follow safety procedures, suggest safety improvements, and perform frequent inspections of the facility to ensure doors are locked throughout the day (unless there is a need to keep open) and the facility is secure at the end of each day.
  • Provide support on managing the government owned vehicles by ensuring they are run regularly, kept fueled, and that maintenance and repairs are identified and performed.
  • Provide emergency on-call services to address emergency repairs, preparation of facility for hazardous weather conditions, and provide advice on dealing with emergency maintenance situations at the building, as required.
  • Serve on the DRC Hurricane Committee and Local Response Team responsible for aiding in the preparation and recovery efforts for the facility.


The successful candidate will be evaluated based on their ability to demonstrate the listed qualifications and skills in their resume and interview:

  • Experience with facility maintenance or general building repair and maintenance
  • Strong work ethic to execute and document tasks
  • Self motivated – ability to self-start on projects and work independently
  • Demonstrated ability to work proactively – identifying and solving facility issues before building occupants notice a problem
  • Strong skills in oral communication – to explain facility issues and needs to the NOAA facility manager and coordinate with maintenance contractors
  • Positive and proactive approach to working within teams to solve problems collaboratively
  • History of working effectively and patiently as part of a high performing team with high expectations, and diverse views and opinions.
  • The successful candidate for the Facility Operations Specialist position will have to complete a background check to meet security requirements.


Compensation will be determined based on the experience and qualifications of the successful applicant in combination with contract budget. The position is also eligible for a full-time benefit package that includes health insurance, paid personal and holiday leave, 401(k) program eligibility, and employee disability and life insurance.


Please submit your application, including any cover letter (optional), resume (less than 4 pages), and 3 references to hr@genwest.com. Please include these materials in a single .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) attachment with your name included in the .pdf file name. Also, if submitting by email please include the words, “Facility Operations Specialist” in the subject line of your email.

Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted via email. The position will remain open until filled, with priority given to applications received before March 15, 2024.