About Us

Genwest is an information management and consulting firm headquartered in Edmonds, Washington. Since 1981, our company has been a recognized leader in the design and implementation of information systems solutions.

What We Do

Genwest designs, develops, and deploys rapid information solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. We collaborate with our clients to define their information needs, we design and develop a solution, and we train our clients for success.

Mission Statement

Genwest’s mission is to assist clients in identifying information management needs, and to develop and support profitable solutions, helping our clients do what they do best.

Corporate Principles

  • Provide a work environment where employees and clients are treated with respect and dignity
  • Maintain standards of personal and cooperative integrity in interactive client relationships
  • Operate Genwest on a sound financial basis to the benefit of our clients, company and employees


Since 1981 Genwest has served many clients including:

  • NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Navy
  • BSEE (Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement)
  • Washington State Maritime Cooperative
  • Washington State Department of Ecology
  • Snohomish Health District
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Western Canada Marine Response Corporation
  • Major Oil Companies

Contact Genwest

If you’d like more information about how Genwest might be able to assist your organization we’d love to hear from you.