Genwest provides a wide variety of services from incident response support to the development of scientific applications. We strive to create a collaborative relationship of partnership with our clients, understanding and executing to meet and exceed expectations.

Environmental Information Management

Genwest personnel are experts at providing rapid, accurate, and situation-appropriate information management services. Our information management expertise is invaluable in situations where there is the potential for information overload.

Physical Science Analysis & Modeling

Genwest staff has worked with multiple organizations to identify, acquire, translate and analyze environmental data which is then incorporated into physical process models to facilitate science-based decision-making.

Incident Response

Since 1981, Genwest personnel have responded to over 400 incidents, logging thousands of hours of both on and off-site information management support. Genwest response personnel are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to perform on-scene information sciences support.

ICS Training

Genwest has a well-earned reputation for its thorough ICS knowledge and experience and has been employed as ICS trainers for a number of organizations such as: NOAA, the US Coast Guard, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Conoco-Phillips, the U.S. Navy, the Washington State Department of Ecology, Olympic Pipeline Company, and Tidewater Barge Company.

Scientific Application Development

Genwest staff works in collaboration with clients to define, scope and synthesize the requirements for the development of custom applications to meet client needs. For some examples see the Projects & Products page.

GIS & Data Visualization

Our GIS specialists create innovative mapping solutions to meet your needs. Through the use of GIS applications, Genwest provides a means through which data may be transformed into useful information and shared in a format that is meaningful for the end users.

Workshop Planning & Facilitation

Genwest has experience in designing and facilitating workshops, conferences and training sessions around the country. This includes managing overall logistics, identifying expert trainers, coordinating with facility staff, developing agendas and workshop materials, and providing for the evaluation of effectiveness.

Project Management & Coordination

Provide subject matter experts to work within teams, utilizing a wide range of tools and techniques to facilitate project coordination and management for efforts ranging from application development to grant management.

Administrative Support

Client needs are diverse and evolve. Genwest is able to identify and recruit staff to meet client needs from basic administrative support up through advanced technical support requiring PhD level scientists.

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